Yellow Flamboyant Tree

Common Name: Yellow Flamboyant Tree
Local Name: (Reendhoo Verey) ރީނދޫ ވެރޭ
Age: 30+
Scientific Name: Peltophorum Pterocarpum

Beautiful and elegant, this ornamental tree with vibrant blooms, is also known as the Copper Pod Tree, Golden Flamboyant or Yellow Flame Tree.

Native to Indo-China and Northern Australia, these trees can reach a height of 20 metres. They have small,
bi-pinnate leaves and produce golden yellow flowers throughout the year. The flowers produce a small pod with seeds. 

The wood of the Yellow Flamboyant Tree is durable and suitable for the production of furniture. The bark is taken to treat dysentery and is applied externally as a lotion to relieve eye diseases, body pains and sores.

It is a popular tree for decorative gardening in public spaces in the Maldives

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