Red Bead Tree

Common Name: Red Bead Tree, Coral Wood, Circassian Tree
Local Name: (Madhoshi) މަދޮށި
Age: 18 years
Scientific Name: Adenanthera Pavonina

Adenanthera Pavonina, commonly known as the Red Bead Tree, Coral Wood or Circassian Tree. This tree species can be found in various soils, ranging from deep, well-drained to shallow and rocky soils. It prefers neutral or slightly acidic soil and is mostly found in forested areas in the Maldives. This species is capable of quickly forming large colonies in moist closed forests, where the trunk grows very straight and can reach a height of up to 20 meters.

Propagation of Red Beach Tree is typically done through seeds, which have an extremely hard, red seed coat that requires scarification or immersion in boiling water to increase the rate and reduce the time of germination. In the Maldives, this tree species is commonly used for building traditional dhoni boats and carpentry. The bright red seeds are also used by children for local board games, such as “Ohvalhugon’di” and “Thinhama”.

In addition to its practical uses, Red Bead Tree is a good nitrogen fixer and is widely used in greening programs in the Maldives. This species is also found in other Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

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