Lead tree

Common Name: Lead tree, Iple Iple, Leucaena
Local Name: (Ipil Ipil) އިޕިލް އިޕިލް
Age: 30+ years
Scientific Name: Leucaena Leucocephala

The Lead Tree, also known as Iple Iple, grows up to 15 metres in height. It has small, bi-pinnate leaves and greenish-white globe-like flowers which appear in bunches of two to three flowers. These flowers mature into fruit pods 12 to 18 centimetres long.

Although the plant has traces of mimosine toxicity, it is used as livestock fodder and for enhancing soil fertility. The wood of this tree is of only moderate durability and is used for fencing, firewood and fibre. These trees are also grown as shade over coffee and cocoa plants in some countries.

The seeds are used medicinally to expel intestinal worms and as a remedy for diabetes. 

The Lead Tree is native to Mexico and Belize but is now widely distributed throughout the tropics. 

It is popular in the Maldives as a regenerative tree for greening purposes.

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