Fiji Fan Palm

Common Name: Fiji Fan Palm
Local Name: (Fanka Ruh) ފަންކާ ރުއް
Age: 30 years
Scientific Name: Pritchardia Pacifica

The Fiji Fan Palms are single-stemmed palm trees, usually growing up to 10 metres tall but occasionally reaching 15 metres. The unbranched stem grows up to 30cm in diameter, topped by a crown of fan-shaped leaves on long stems. The fruits, when mature, are dark blue to black in colour and are inedible.

A popular evergreen for landscaping, the Fiji Fan Palms are suitable for indoors and outdoors and are widely used for roadside landscaping and ornamental gardens. The species is particularly suited for salty soils, making it an excellent choice for planting along the coasts in the tropics.

In the past, its leaves have been harvested from the wild for use as fans, whilst the stems have been used as ridge beams in houses.

Though not rare, the Fiji Fan Palm is not a tree commonly found in the Maldives.

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