Cluster Fig Tree

Common Name: Cluster Fig Tree, Country Fig, Hairy Fig
Local Name: (Vaththeeni) ވައްތީނި
Age: 25 years
Scientific Name: Ficus Racemosa

The Cluster Fig Tree, also known as the Country Fig or Hairy Fig, is a rapid-growing plant that typically grows into a large shrub, with its rough leaves attaining an impressive size. The figs of this tree grow directly on or near the trunk, adding an unusual and striking feature to the plant. Although the fruit is not commonly eaten due to its lack of flavour, it is still edible and is often used in India as a vegetable in stir-fries and curries.

This tree is native to tropical Asia and Australia and is a popular landscaping plant in many countries due to its impressive size and fast growth rate. Additionally, it has several uses in traditional medicine and is known to have a variety of therapeutic properties. It is also an important habitat for many species of birds and insects, providing food and shelter. With its unique appearance and versatility, the Cluster Fig Tree is a worthwhile addition to any garden or landscape.

The Cluster Fig Tree is a common tree found across the Maldives.

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