Beach Cordia

Common Name: Beach Cordia
Local Name: (Kaani) ކާނި
Age: 50+ years
Scientific Name: Cordia Subcordata

The Beach Cordia, also known as the Sea Trumpet or Kerosene Tree, is a terrestrial plant found mainly in tropical climates. It is adapted to a variety of soils from sandy to clay and can even be found growing in rocky coral sands.

Because they can grow in sandy conditions, Beach Cordias make ideal bio shields against wind and salt spray, protecting beaches and shorelines on the islands. With its colourful ornamental flowers, it is also a popular choice in landscaping for parks and gardens. The Beach Cordia can grow 8 to 10 metres tall. The seeds, easily dispersed by floating, are widely distributed along the tropical coasts of East Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

The soft, durable wood is commonly used for building boats, beams in homes or making household items and handicrafts. The vibrant green tree leaves are used to colour nets and mats.

The Beach Cordia is a common tree found across Maldives.

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