African Tulip Tree

Common Name: African Tulip Tree
Local Name: (local name) ގިނިމާ
Age: 30 years
Scientific Name: Spathodea Campanulata

The African Tulip Tree is a spectacular flowering tree that can reach up to 15 metres. It has a stout, tapering, somewhat buttressed trunk covered in light grey bark. The ornamental flowers are bright red-orange tulip like bells and mature to produce an upright pod.

Native to equatorial Africa, it is now widely distributed throughout the hot tropics.

The bark and wood of the African Tulip Tree has anti-bacterial properties and is used in Ghana for traditional medicine, treating burns and wounds. 

The soft white timber is used to make paper, drums and blacksmiths bellows. When burnt, the bark and wood produce a garlicy smell.

The species is common in Maldives, and used for greening purposes

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